Kabaddi World Cup 2020

The 2020 Kabaddi World Cup or 2020 Tapal Tezdum Kabbadi World Cup  was the seventh edition of the Kabaddi World Cup (Circle style), held from 9 February to 16 February 2020 with the Opening Ceremony on 9 February 2020 at the Punjab Stadium, Lahore. The tournament was played in Punjab, Pakistan. The tournament was organized by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan, Sports Board Punjab & Pakistan Kabaddi Federation. The 8 day event had 9 participating nations in the tournament including Pakistan, Canada, England, India, Iran, Sierra Leone, Australia, Azerbaijan, Germany and Kenya (Did not Participate). The opening ceremony took take place at the Punjab Stadium in Lahore, prior to the first match of the 2020 Kabaddi World Cup between Pakistan and Canada.