U-16 Coaching Camps of Sports Board Punjab 2019 (Phase - I)

Sports Board Punjab has been constituted to promote sports activities and collaborate with federal and provincial sports federation & association. With the aim to promote sports and inculcate sports culture in the Province, Sports Board Punjab on regular basis initiate different strategies and plans. All the activities of the SBP level a support towards achieving and developing a harmonize society.
Sports Board Punjab is mandated to develop Sports Facilities, Playfields and promote Sports and healthy activities throughout the Province. Sports Board Punjab took initiative to promote different games at the preliminary stage & develop Training & Coaching Camps in the month of January 2019 in various cities throughout Punjab.
In this regard, qualified coaches & physical trainers were engaged for period of one month for the different games (Mat Wrestling, Kabadi, Power Lifting, Weight Lifting, Hockey, Athletics & Volley Ball). Almost 170 trainees (U-16) were trained in these month long camps. Different facilities such as Food, Accommodation, Sports Equipment & Clothing were given to trainees under the supervision of professional Coaches & DSO’s. Trainees were enthusiastic about the training camps as they received appropriate training under the competitive & modest environment.  Coaches have been advised to prepare evaluation reports of all camp trainees in order to  pick top athletes on the basis of their performance, fitness and discipline for further grooming. After the completion of camp training Sports Board Punjab recommended the names of best camp trainees to different sports associations and federations for national and international sports competitions, Director General Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar has been annaounced to conduct three more such U-16 coaching camps during remaining part of the year.