It is well determined that there is a positive relationship in information richness and economic richness of the countries. Reading culture in developed nations is very high. However, a large number of studies have revealed that reading and learning culture is on decline in Pakistan. One of the reasons is non-availability of reading materials and conducive environment to read. Our libraries are not automated, hence information retrieval is difficult. They have not added digital contents to their Collections. Hence people, especially our youth is distracted to unhealthy activities like extremism. Segments of society in un-health activities. There are a few public libraries and similar places where people can go to read, learn and interact in an educated environment. There is a serious lack of community centers and places for similar activities where people from different walks of life get together, take part in social, local and national level activities and celebrations. People like to go to libraries where exist. Therefore, it is important to provide such places where general public, especially youth can go for general education, social activities and entertainment and excitement.
Govt. of the Punjab has established E-libraries in each District Headquarter to facilitate the sports lovers and players with advance knowledge of sports from the international journals, magazines and books on sports. The Project will provide learning and coaching facilities to the players as well as the students having sports subjects and sports loving people. The no of e-libraries throughout province is 36

Salient Features

Enlisted below are the salient features of the Initiatve.

  • Revival of reading and learning culture in general public, especially youth, families and senior citizens.
  • Inculcate e-reading and e-learning culture amongst general public, students, teachers and our society at large.
  • Establish a centralized Digital Library of e-books, e-theses, Pakistani laws, Pakistani press clippings, annual company reports and indexes of Pakistani periodicals, documentaries and DVDs
  • Encourage and persuade authors/publishers to provide e-version of their publications for free reading and paid downloads via micropayments.
  • Provide remote access to general public to top read international e-collections
  • Provide remote access through VPN and on spot access through hotspots in E-libraries in Punjab
  • Economize access to knowledge

Structure and Facilities

These libraries will have following type of structure and facilities:

  • Central Hub will provide Digital Content virtually to all libraries
  • Provide seating for 40+ people at one time
  • Will have a multimedia room for documentaries shows and lectures, seminars and different skill courses
  • Will operate in two shifts
  • Male and female toilet rooms will be provided
  • IT oriented staff will be hired
  • Each library will have around 3000 books and documentaries of general interest and magazines
  • Books of children, youth and families will be preferred
  • The library will facilitate special persons (visually impaired, deaf and physical disabilities)
  • The library will provide free Wi-Fi Internet access and EM-based security system
  • PCs and tablets will also be provided in each library