South Asian Federation Games


Proposal of the South Asian Federation Games First Mooted in Germany by Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka in 1981. they were planning to start South Asian Federation games following year but they couldn’t do due to political situation in South Asia . The birth of the SAF games had to wait till September 17, 1984 . It was on that day, the dream of the youth in South Asia come true amidst pomp, pageantry and paraphernalia, at the Dashartha Stadium in Kathmandu , King Birendra Bir Bikran Shah Dev and Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi set the ball rolling to the SAF Games, while adopted peace, perservence and progress and the motto. The concept of SAF Games was received with great enthusiasm and each of the seven countries got the chance of hosting this mega sporting event. It was a bi-annual multi-sport event held in South Asia . These Games are organized by South Asian Sports Federation(SASF) formed in 1983 The first SAF Games event was inaugurated in the mountainous environs of Nepal in 1984. Its success was phenomenal and over the years it became a much-celebrated affair. Then 1982, with an aim to promote sports among the South Asian Countries, delegated from Bangladesh , Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan got together to chalk out a workable plan to promote sports in the region. It was decided that the SAF Games would be a yearly event which in turn, all the member countries would host. This event was an excellent way to promote friendship and brotherhood and also to bring together a number of closely associated countries on one platform which is in this case, sports.

Culture Value

The SAF Games also helped in promoting cultural exchanges between the member countries. Devoid of any cultural, religious racial or political barriers, the member countries gather together under one banner to create a healthy disciplined show of sportsmanship. The hymn of the Federation clearly expresses the message of goodwill, brotherhood, peace and prosperity: Sports is our life, Unity our strength Our skills shine through perseverance SAF will prosper through peace and stability, Keep your spirit higher through sports forever! undoubtedly, sports is a unique way to break down the barriers of hostility and breed the spirit that brings nations closer together. The motto also signifies the same thought: Peace, Perseverance & Progress.


Athletics, Swimming, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Boxing and other smaller team sports are included in the games, every time South Asian Federation added atleast 10 sports discipline to above event. Due to a lack of sporting competition among the nations, this multi event sport is seldom of world standards. From 2006 Colombo SAF Games Onwards, This Games Officially recognized as South Asian Games (SAG) and Sri Lanka host 20 Sports disciplines for first time of the games History.

Member Countries

At present, it joined by eight members namely Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , India , Maldives , Nepal , Pakistan and Sri lanka.

List of SAF Games and Pakistan’s Medal Tally in SAF Games is:

2016 2010 2006
2004 1999 1995
1993 1991 1989
1987 1985 1984