Large sports structure is being built in Punjab province: Chairman Steering Committee Sports Punjab Hanif Abbasi

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

LAHORE (Nov 29, 2017): A large sports structure is being built in Punjab province and it will be completed till next year. The major purpose of these sports projects is to find fresh talent especially from remote areas; these views were expressed by Chairman Steering Committee Sports  Punjab  Hanif  Abbasi  in  his  media  talk  during  his  visit  of  under-construction  sports  projects   in   suburban   areas   of   Rakh   Jhedo,   Karol   Ghati,   Gaowshala   and   Pando. Chairman  Steering  Committee  Sports  Punjab  Hanif  Abbasi  also  planted  a  sepal  at  Rakh  Jhedo to initiate a campaign to remove smog and other environmental issues. Director  Admin,  Assistant  Director,  Divisional  Sports  Officer  and  concerned  contractors  briefed  the  Chairman  Steering  Committee  Sports Punjab  about  the  status  of  construction  work at Rakh Jhedo, Karol Ghati, Gaowshala and Pandoki.