Taimur welcomes resumption of sports, tourism activities after COVID-19 Sports activities in Punjab to start as per government directives Whole nation was safe due to Prime Minister Imran Khan's smart lockdown decision. Smart Lockdown was also appreciat

Friday, August 7, 2020

Provincial Minister for Sports, Youth Affairs, Archeology and Tourism Rai Taimur Khan Bhatti welcomed the government decision to resume sports and tourism activities, which were suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.

In his statement on Friday, he said that lockdown due to Corona virus was well observed by the people and its rapid spread was prevented. He further stated that sports activities in Punjab would resume as per the government directive. “The sporting colour of the play grounds of the province would be restored once and for all and similarly the tourism in Punjab.”

He said that all the activities will also be restored as per the rules laid out by the government.

He said the public should share their valuable views on the social media accounts of the Department of Sports and Tourism. “Recommendations have been sought for the welfare of athletes, sight seers and tourists. It’s a good news for public at large that sports in Punjab is resuming formally.

“During the lockdown, the sports department continued its work. When the situation further improves, new events will be launched,” Punjab Sports Minister Rai Taimur Khan Bhatti added.

The whole nation is safe from the virus only due to the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan of smart lockdown. “The decision of Smart Lockdown was also taken very positively at the international level. However, the people are appealed for more caution and cooperation,” he concluded.