Noor Waqar and Bano clinch titles in Women’s Muay Thai Championship Punjab Martial Arts Games 2020 in full swing on second day

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The thrilling competitions of ten martial arts disciplines remained underway on the second day of Punjab Martial Arts Games Lahore 2020 at Nishtar Park Sports Complex Gymnasium Hall. A large number of fans witnessed exciting contests and appreciated the amazing skills of young male and female athletes. Around 500 male and female athletes from all parts of country are taking part in 60 different categories during the 3-day mega sports.

It is pertinent to mention here that Punjab Martial Arts Games Lahore 2020 are being organized under the auspices of Divisional and District Sports Office Lahore and with the collaboration of Sports Board Punjab (SBP). The players from across the country are demonstrating their skills during the 3-day games.

According to details, in Men’s Vovinam competition, Hamad emerged winner in -50kg category while the title of -55kg contest went to Bilal Asghar. In -60kg event, Fazl-e-Rabbi outplayed his opponents whereas titles of -65kg and -70kg were won by Abdullah Khan and Izzat Khan respectively.

In Women’s Muay Thai Championship Noor Waqar excelled and won the title in -45kg bout while next two positions were taken by Menahil and Sania respectively. In -48kg event Bano displayed wonderful game and remained triumphant. Zaib got second spot while the third position was grabbed by Iqra Imran.

In Women’s taekwondo event, Anum Akram clinched the title in Women’s -50kg category competition while Huda Kashif finished runner-up followed by Afia Shahzad.

Women’s taekwondo results:

-30kg: 1. Kaneez Fatima, 2. Noor Fatima, 3. Minahil Nadeem

-40kg: 1. Eman Fatima, 2. Yusrah, 3. Iqra Khalid

-50kg: 1. Anum Khalid, 2. Huda Kashif, 3. Afia Shahzad.

Boys’ taekwondo results:

-35kg: 1. Adee Lukas, 2. Fayzan Rasool, 3. Ali Nasir

-40kg: 1. Abdul Ahad, 2. Zain Ilyas, 3. Ghulam Fareed

-45kg: 1. Saifullah, 2. Ali Haider, 3. Tahir Sattar

-52kg: 1. Abdoon Butt, 2. M Huzaifa, 3. Zainul Abedin

-63kg: 1. Mohsin Ali, 2. Asad Ali, 3. Haseeb Farooq

Men’s Vovinam final results:

-50kg: 1. Hamad, 2. Shakeel, 3. Tahir Arif

-55kg: 1. Bilal Asghar, 2. Sabir Ali, 3. Faisal Ashfaq

-60kg: 1. Fazl-e-Rabbi, 2. Faizan Waheed, 3. Faisal Moosa

-65kg: 1. Abdullah Khan, 2. Sohaib Ishaq, 3. Abdul Mateen

-70kg: 1. Izzat Khan, 2. Farman Ali, 3. Syed Tahir

Women’s’ Muay Thai final results:

-45kg: 1. Noor Waqar, 2. Menahil, 3. Sania

-48kg: 1. Bano, 2. Zaib, 3. Iqra Imran

Women’s’ Pencak Silat results:

-47kg: 1. Hafsa, 2. Eman Bano, 3. Tooba Dilawar

-51kg: 1. Arjoman, 2. Laiba Nasir, 3. Maheen

-55kg: 1. Hadiya, 2. Fiza Abbas, 3. Fajer Batool

Men’s Pencak Silat results:

-51kg: 1. Talha, 2. Ali Haider, 3. Hassan Mahboob

-55kg: 1. Ali Imran, 2. Burhan, 3. Awais Khalid

-59kg: 1. Ahmed Zaman, 2. Usama, 3. Zeeshan

-63kg: 1. M Shakeel, 2. Ali Hassan, 3. Huzaifa

-67kg: 1. Zaigham Ali, 2. Ali Faisal, 3. Sajawal.