Two sports periods a week’ policy being implemented on the suggestion of Punjab Sports Department: DG Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar

Friday, February 22, 2019

Director General Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar has lauded Education Department’s revolutionary policy of two sports periods a week and participation of every student in sports activities in schools. In a statement on Friday, Director General Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar said: “The landmark initiative of sports periods in schools to incline students towards sports activities was taken by Punjab Sports Department. Sports Board Punjab has also commenced working to get maximum benefits out of this handy policy,” he added. DG Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar said Punjab Sports Minister Rai Taimoor Khan Bhatti had also put emphasis on every student to take part in at least one game at school or college a couple of months ago. “Young students will definitely attract towards sports activities due to this revolutionary measure”. He said fresh sports talent will emerge from schools as a result of ‘two sports periods a week’ policy. “The schools and colleges are best place where young students can learn basics of different games. It’s our top priority to bring male and female students towards sports from the young age,” he explained. DG Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar said Punjab’s educational institutions had regular sports periods in the past and this practice had produced several world sports stars. “Unfortunately the trend of sports periods in educational institutions was not operational for the past several years but now we are going to restore this healthy practice,” he maintained. He further said sports grounds and gymnasiums laced with modern facilities are present in almost every tehsil and district and potential students must sharpen their sports skills there after their school hours.