Indian team returns after featuring in International Kabaddi Taakra

Monday, January 14, 2019

Indian kabaddi team departed for their country on Monday morning after featuring in 4-day International Kabaddi Taakra tournament. Pakistan Green, White and Iran were the other participating teams of International Kabaddi Taakra. Pakistan Kabaddi Federation (PKF) Secretary General Rana Sarwar, Ramzan Ghumman and Tournament Director Shahid Faqeer Virk saw off the Indian team. While talking before their departure, Indian kabaddi captain Partap Singh and Manager Guldeep Singh thanked Punjab govt, Sports Board Punjab (SBP) and Pakistan Kabaddi Federation for extending warm hospitality and respect during their stay in Pakistan. “We received warm reception, a lot of love and respect at all venues where we played kabaddi. It was a memorable tournament for us. More such events should be held in future between Pakistani and Indian teams,” they stated. Indian kabaddi captain and manager also expressed their satisfaction on all arrangements of the tournament and security situation. Tournament Director Shahid Faqeer Virk, on this occasion said Sports Board Punjab will hold more international sports events in future. He also admired the performance of Indian and Iranian kabaddi teams during the tournament. Indian team exhibited excellent performance and finished runners up in the International Kabaddi Taakra tournament. The final encounter of event was won by Pakistan Green kabaddi team by 40-29 against India at the Punjab Stadium while the third place was taken by Pakistan White team which outplayed Iran by 31-24.