Enlisted below are the playfields of Lahore that has been completed by the Sports Board Punjab out of 23 playfields.

Asal Suleman near Chadu


Mauza Bangali 

Facilities: Cricket Pitches, Open Gym and
Facilities: Volleyball, Akhara, Cricket Net, 
Open Gym, Jogging Track
Facilities: Cricket Pitches, Open Gym, Akhara
Approved Cost: 29.317 Approved Cost: 28.188 Approved Cost: 88.712
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Jamiyan Masjid Chishtiyan

Kaardar Park

Facilities:   Facilities: Volleyball, Open Gym, Akhara,
Jogging Track
Approved Cost: 74.661 M Approved Cost: 20.215 M Approved Cost: 8.971 M

Karol Ghatti

Nehru Park


Facilities: Volleyball, Akhara,, Cricket Net,
Open Gym and Jogging Track
Facilities:   Facilities:  
Approved Cost: 158.061 Approved Cost: 50.121 Approved Cost: 40.544
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Rakh Jhedu

Market Park

Facilities: Volleyball, Open Gym, Akhara
and Jogging Track
Facilities: Cricket Pitches, Open Gym and
Facilities: Open Gym
Approved Cost: 121.056 Approved Cost: 140.265 Approved Cost: 2.611

Saggian Toll Plaza

Sraich, Model Town


Facilities:   Facilities: Badminton, Volleeyball, Akhara
Jogging Track
Approved Cost: 93.296 Approved Cost: 76.282 M