Practical coaching begins Sports Board Punjab’s coaches training camp

Monday, August 28, 2017

Legend coaches Liaqat Ali, Saba Waris and Qazi Asif imparted practical coaching to badminton, table tennis and football coaches respectively. They also demonstrated different coaching skills during their respective sessions. The expert trainers also gave detailed answers during the question/answer sessions. The experts were of the view that a coach must be aware of every flaw in a player’s game. “The removal of a fault in a player’s playing technique should be top priority of a coach,” they said. Legend coach Liaqat Ali said footwork has great significance in the game of badminton. “A player has to move forward and backward quickly and that’s the reason a badminton coach must focus on the footwork of his players,” he stressed. Veteran table tennis trainer Saba Waris taught his coaches about the correct technique of racquet. Senior football coach Asif Qazi also imparted practical coaching at Punjab Stadium. He also informed the participants about the latest changes in football rules and regulations and modern technology being used in the game these days.