First Quaid-e-Azam Open Inter-Division Sports Championship exploded into action

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The First Quaid-e-Azam Open Inter-Division Sports Championship exploded into action under the banner of Sports Board Punjab with a grand opening ceremony at Punjab Stadium on Wednesday.

Punjab Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Rai Taimoor Khan Bhatti inaugurated the First Punjab Open Inter-Division Quaid-e-Azam Sports Championship by unveiling the championship trophy.

Secretary Youth Affairs and Sports Fuad Hashim Rabbani, Director General Sports Punjab Adnan Arshad Aulakh, Director Admin Javed Chohan, Director Sports Hafeez Bhatti and other top officials were also present on this occasion.

As many as 576 male and female athletes from all divisions of the province are taking part in around 36 sports events during the 3-day mega sports.

Spectacular fireworks show and cultural performances were presented during the opening ceremony. The large audience also admired amazing gymnastics and aerobic performances during the grand inaugural ceremony.

The opening day’s athletics and archery competitions were held at Punjab Stadium while NPSC Gymnasium Hall is hosting badminton events. The first round cycling races and tennis matches were played at Cycling Velodrome and Punjab International Tennis Stadium respectively.

A large number of fans witnessed exciting contests on the opening day and appreciated the amazing skills of young male and female athletes.

The athletics competitions were staged at Punjab Stadium. Following are results of opening day events:


1km (male): 1st Sayed Aqib Shah (Lhr), 2nd Masood Ahmed (Fsbd), 3rd M Shareef (Lhr)

500m Time Trial (female): 1st Amna Babar (Lhr), 2nd Aasia Tariq (Lhr), 3rd Iqra Naz (Fsbd)

1000m Sprint (m): 1st Sayed Aqib Shah (Lhr), 2nd Masood Ahmed (Fsbd), 3rd M Shareef (Lhr)

1000m Sprint (f): 1st Amna Babar (Lhr), 2nd Aasia Tariq (Lhr), 3rd Iqra Naz (Fsbd).

Athletics results:

Athletics (men): 1st Sahiwal 79 points, 2nd Faisalabad 46, 3rd Gujranwala 42, Sargodha 22, Multan 17, Lahore division 12, Rawalpindi 11

Athletics (women): 1st Faisalabad 85, 2nd Lahore 65, 3rd Rawalpindi 32, Sargodha 15

100m (female): 1st Lahore, 2nd Faisalabad

100m (male): 1st Sahiwal, 2nd Gujranwala

400m (f): 1st Faisalabad, 2nd Lahore

400m (m): 1st Sahiwal, 2nd Faisalabad

Shot Put (f): 1st Faisalabad, 2nd Lahore

Shot Put (m): 1st Multan, 2nd Gujranwala

4x100m relay (f): 1st Faisalabad, 2nd Lahore

4x100m relay (m): 1st Sahiwal, 2nd Faisalabad


1st Match: Lahore Beat Multan by 3-0

1st Single: Tayyab Shafiq (Lahore) beat M. Asim (Multan) by 21-9, 21-14

1st Double: Raza Ali Adil & Saad Amir (Lahore) beat Anees & Jalees (Multan) by 21-15, 19-21, 21-16

2nd Single: Ahmer Jalal (Lahore) beat Jalees (Multan) by 21-18, 21-15

1st Quarterfinal: Rawalpindi beat Sargodha by 3-0

1st Single: Aashan (Rawalpindi) beat Hamza Latif (Sargodha) by 21-7, 21-8

1st Double: Ibrahim & Amir Waqas (Rawalpindi) beat Hamza Latif & Sarmad (Sargodha) by 23-21, 14-21, 21-17

2nd Single: Ahmad Khalid (Rawalpindi) beat Ijaz Ali (Sargodha) by 23-21, 21-18

2nd Quarter final: Bahawalpur beat D.G Khan by 3-0

1st Single: Saqib Ali (Bahawalpur) beat Abdur Raheem (D.G Khan) by 21-18, 21-16

1st Double: Hassan & Abdur Rehman (Bahawalpur) beat M. Faiz & Memoon (D.G Khan) by 21-17, 21-17

2nd Single: Hassan (Bhawakpur) beat Memoon (D.G Khan) by 23-25, 21-15, 21-15

3rd Quarter Final: Faisalabad beat Sahiwal by 3-1

1st Single: Haris Fareed (Sahiwal) beat Abdul Manan (Faisalabad) by 25-23, 21-19

1st Double: M. Hanif & Mahmood (Faisalabad) beat Subtain & Sami (Sahiwal) by 21-15, 21-17

2nd Single: Shahzaib (Faisalabad) beat Subtain (Sahiwal) by 21-17, 21-16

2nd Double: Shahzaib & Jaleel (Faisalabad) beat Haris & Saleem (Sahiwal) by 21-11, 21-10

Team Event Women

1st Match: Bahawalpur beat Sargodha by 3-2

1st Single: Amra Shaheen (Sargodha) beat Rabia (Bahawalpur) by 21-19, 17-21, 21-18

1st Double: Amra Shaheen & Rimsha Mehak (Sargodha) beat Kiran & Rama (Bahawalpur) by 21-12, 21-12

2nd Single: Aeman (Bahawalpur) beat Haleema Sadia (Sargodha) by 21-6, 21-3

2nd Double: Aeman & Rabia (Bahawalpur) beat Haleema & Ramish Kanwal (Sargodha) by 21-11, 21-16

3rd Single: Ayesha (Bahawalpur) beat Rimsha Kanwal (Sargodha) by 21-10, 21-13

1st Quarter Final: Faisalabad beat Sahiwal by 3-0

1st Single: Khadija Nasir (Faisalabad) beat Sehar Naz (Sahiwal) by 21-3, 21-2

1st Double: Khadija & Aqsa (Faisalabad) beat Khadija & Sehar Naz (Sahiwal) by 21-9, 21-5

2nd Single: Muqadas (Faisalabad) beat Amber (Sahiwal) by 21-3, 21-4

2nd Quarter Final: Gujranwala Beat Multan by 3-0

1st Single: Sehar (Gujranwala) beat Shazia (Multan) by 21-7, 21-7

1st Double: Sehar & Sabiha (Gujranwala) beat Kashmina & Saira (Multan) by 21-11, 21-5

2nd Single: Sabiha (Gujranwala) beat Aqsa (Multan) by 21-6, 21-10

3rd Quarterfinal: Lahore Beat D.G Khan by 3-0

1st Single: Amal Muneeb (Lahore) beat Zarqa Ihsan (D.G Khan) by 21-6. 21-5

1st Double: Amina & Zainab (Lahore) beat Kalsoom & Rukhsar (D.G Khan) by 21-8, 21-17

2nd Single: Tayyaba Shafiq (Lahore) beat Kalsoom (D.G Khan) by 21-15, 21-13.