Important meeting of Sports Board Punjab to decide SOPs for gym and swimming pool opening

Friday, August 7, 2020

Sports Board Punjab is preparing strict SOPs for implementation for the formal opening of gyms and swimming pools.

An important meeting was held at Sports Board Punjab on Friday under the chairmanship of Director Admin Sports Punjab Javed Chauhan and Director Sports Muhammad Hafeez Bhatti to decide on SOPs related to prevention of corona virus regarding opening of gym and swimming pool.

Gym and swimming pool owners and officials including Deputy Director Sports Chand Parveen, Director Pakistan Coaching Center Rana Nasrullah, CEO Shapes Khawaja Nadeem Ahmed, Assistant Director Raees-ur-Rehman attended the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Director Admin Javed Chauhan said that to prevent corona virus, SOPs must be fixed. “With caution, we can protect ourselves and others from corona virus,” he added.

“We welcome suggestions from gym and swimming pool owners and officials. Our goal is to achieve healthy sports activities. Every possible step is being taken to prevent corona virus, which can be prevented only by following SOPs in gyms and swimming pools," said Director Sports Muhammad Hafeez Bhatti.

All activities including sports were suspended due to COVID19 in the world and Pakistan was also no exception. Now ease down is being seen in the pandemic all over the globe, the world removing lockdown and has begun to recover. “But precaution is better than cure and SOPs in gyms and swimming pools will be fully implemented,” said the director.