2nd day of SBP’s 7-game U-16 Coaching Camps Dozens of young athletes feature in SBP’s 7-game U-16 Coaching Camps

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dozens of young athletes took part in SBP’s 7-game U-16 Coaching Camps with full dedication on the second day at five different districts of the province. It’s pertinent to mention here that SBP’s 7-game U-16 Coaching Camps are being conducted under the instructions of Secretary Sports Punjab Nadeem Mehboob and Director General Sports Punjab Nadeem Sarwar.
As many as 25 (Rawalpindi 3, Sargodha 11, Faisalabad 6, Multan 2 and one each from Gujranwala, Lahore and DG Khan) athletes are taking part in athletics camp at Punjab stadium. The wrestling camp has the strength of 29 players (Gujranwala 5, Lahore 21 and Multan 3) at PSB Coaching Centre Lahore. The hockey training camp is consisted of 33 probables (Faisalabad 18, Sargodha 4, Lahore 2, Sahiwal 5, Multan 3, DG Khan 1) at Gojra Hockey Stadium.
36 probables (Sargodha 3, Lahore 2, Faisalabad 20, Sahiwal 5, Multan 6) are being trained at kabaddi camp at Faisalabad. Powerlifting camp has 16 trainees (Gujranwala 12 and 2 each from Lahore and Faisalabad) in it while weightlifting camp is being attended by 20 players (Gujranwala 13 and Lahore 4, Faisalabad 2, Sargodha 1) at Gujranwala Gymnasium Hall. The volleyball camp at Sialkot has 25 players with 10 players belonged to Faisalabad, 8 from Sahiwal, 6 from Gujranwala and one from Sargodha