Islamic Games Solidarity

The first Islamic Games held in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia from 8-20 April, 2005 with an Olympic-style tournament aimed at showing Muslim Sports prowess and featuring 6,000 athletes, none of them women.

The 55-nation participated in the said Islamic Olympic Games and hosted by the Saudi cities of Mecca, Medina, Jiddah and Taif.

Prince Abdel Majid Bin Abdel Aziz, the prince of Mecca, opened the games in a ceremony in which more than 2,600 students participated at King Abdul Aziz Stadium.

A 140-member Pakistani contingent including 96 athletes participated in 10 events including basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, athletics, karate, taekwondo, football and handball.

Participating Nations: 55
Participants:  6000

The Islamic competitions included athletics, swimming, diving, water ball, swordplay, tennis, table tennis, weightlifting, indoor football for the mentally-handicapped, basketball, volleyball, handball, taekwondo, karate and horsemanship.

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