Asian Youth Games

The 1st Asian Youth were held in Singapore from 29th June to 7th July, 2009. More than 6,200 spectators were treated to a visual spectacle which showcased the exuberance of youth and multi-cultural diversity of Asia during the 1st Asian Youth Games (AYG) Singapore 2009 Opening Ceremony on 29th June 2009. The Opening Ceremony show segment was a sight to be hold with three exciting mass displays titled “Garden in the City”, “Asia’s Zest” and “Spirit of Evolution” unfold at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 400 eager young performers from Singapore’s primary schools burst into the stadium and grooved in synchrony to a medley of songs sung in different Asian languages. They were decked out in colourful costumes and props depicting Singapore’s national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, to welcome Asia’s youth to the “Garden in the City”. Singapore’s Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, was the Guest of Honour. Representatives from the Olympic Council of Asia and the Singapore National Olympic Council were also present to witness the memorable event. AYG Singapore 2009 aimed to gather the youth from around Asia in a celebration of youth, sports and learning where they will engage in friendly competition and imbibe the Olympic sporting values of excellence, friendship and respect. The plan for the Asian Youth Games was part of Singapore’s bid to stage the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics (YOG). The purpose was to allow youths to use the chance to benchmark their performances against youth teams from Asian nations. The Games also provided Singapore with an opportunity to test organizational and logistical capabilities in advance of the 2010 YOG.

Participating Nations: 43

Participants: 1000 athletes aged between 14 and 17


10 Disciplines: Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Diving, FIBA 33 (Basketball), Football, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming and Table Tennis.


The top three winners were China, Korea and Thailand

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